In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

 Spiritual Wayfaring, a Treatise Attributed to Bahr al-‘Ulūm [The Fundamentals and Methodology of Purging the Carnal Self and Purifying the Soul]

Collected Works of The Muslim Shiite Scholar and Thinker: Allāma Hājj Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husaynī Tihrānī




Spiritual journey toward Allah ought to be set out before it is too late.


Subject of the Book : Instructions for Spiritual Wayfaring


■ Where is man’s destination in this realm of being?

■ What stages are to be achieved to reach the goal?

■ Where is the starting point in spiritual wayfaring?

■ Can this Path be traversed alone?

■ How to set out?

Besides presenting a biography of the late Allama Bahr al-‘Ulūm and confirming the soundness of attributing this treatise to him, this treatise also states the reality and purpose of wayfaring toward Allah, the quality and effects of wayfaring toward Allah, and invocation method of Allama Bahr al-‘Ulūm along with a detailed commentary by his holiness Ayatollah Allama Tihrānī, may God sanctify his soul.


Excerpts from the book:

• The reality of wayfaring is cutting off attachment to other than God and paying absolute attention to Him.

• Whoever takes God’s pleasure as the criterion for each and every of his thoughts and actions for forty days, they will be adjoined to the fountains of truth.

• Perfect attention to God would not be viable without distancing from the worldly-minded.

• Remembrance of God, thinking, and spiritual quest are the three means to get into the Divine Dominion.


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